At The Kitchen


Looking for Food and Drink Videography Services? It’s our signature dish!

Keeping customers engaged with your brand can be a daunting task in today’s digital era. From short 15-second Tik Tok videos to high-level videography productions we can provide the perfect bespoke video content that fits your needs.

Our Team brings a range of expertise to the table including culinary experience, food styling and recipe writing should you need it. We are here to make your vision and band come to life, whilst captivating your target audience and making your brand stand out your competitors.

Our purpose-built studio in Cheadle Hulme, South Manchester, makes an excellent location for videography that delivers exceptional results. Our primary area has been specifically crafted to function as a studio, with the additional inclusion of a kitchen area that facilitates cooking displays and hands-on workshops.  In addition you will also have access to our large selection of props, including hundreds of different textures, materials and backgrounds.

Our impressive food and drink videography portfolio includes a variety of clients from High Street and luxury food brands to restaurants and product launches.

So not matter how big or small your project is we would be delighted to provide your with the best videography service around!