At The Kitchen


Stay one step ahead with the latest recipe creations and trends. Whether you are an author or brand looking for some new content, our food and drink recipe writing services cover many topics for cook books, to restaurants and online content.

Staying ahead of the latest food trend, we craft content and recipes to engage your audience with new and innovative ways of cooking, including new ways to prepare food, working with niche foods, as well as innovative way of preserving food to promote sustainability.

Enhance your culinary projects with our team of skilled and experienced recipe writers, here to help you create engaging, well-structured, and enticing recipes that will captivate your audience’s taste buds. 

Angela is an accomplished and highly skilled food stylist and writer with over 25 years of experience in the food industry. She has a diverse portfolio that includes work in magazines, television, books, and commercial projects. Her wealth of knowledge in recipe development, writing makes her a valuable asset to any project. Angela also published her own book, ‘Pie’, which received rave reviews.

Whether you’re a food blogger, chef, or cookbook author. Elevate your culinary creations and take you brand to the next level.