Back To Basics Workshops – Week 4


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Wednesday 25th March  7.00 – 9.30pm

£60 per 2½ hour session including all ingredients, drink on arrival and take home recipes and work sheet.

Join us for the whole 5 week coarse at a reduced rate of £250 by clicking here.

If you are looking to get back to basics and learn some core cooking skills then this is the class or course for you.  These classes will give you confidence in the kitchen to tackle all areas of cooking from the basic how to poach an egg to cooking a full roast dinner.

Some people have a natural talent for working with ingredients cooking instinctively whereas others will be methodical, following a recipe closely to achieve the desired result.

Whatever kind of cook you are going to be we will be here to help guide you through and encourage you to develop a lifelong enthusiasm for cooking.

We will teach you the fundamental skills needed and include along the way essentials such as knife skills, setting up your store cupboard, how to equip your kitchen with the tools for the job and lots of hints and tips from the experts.

Week 1 – 4th March (book here)


Boiling, poaching, frying, scrambling, baking. All you need to know about cooking with eggs and the multitude things you can make with this wonderful ingredient. We will be making a frittata, eggs benedict and classic omelette.

Week 2 – 11th March  (book here)


Ragu, white sauce/bechamel and more.  Knowing how to make a great sauce is essential as they form the basis for so many dishes. The ragu and white sauce will be used to make the pasta dishes the following week.

Week 3 – 18th March  (book here)


Pasta in all its form with accompanying sauces to go with including such classics as Pasta and Meatballs, Lasagne and a perfect carbonara.

Week 4-  25th March


How to cook the perfect rice and an introduction to the many different varieties of rice now available. We will be making a Risotto, Paella and pilau rice

Week 5 – 1 st April (book here)

Perfect Roast Dinner

This will not only be a class on how to prepare the various dishes that go into making a fantastic roast dinner but all the information you will need for timing the menu , how to keep things warm, what to cook when and how to plate up.