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As the sun goes down on yet another summer and autumn leaves begin their descent, we can’t help but question why the importance and huge potential of the four seasons is underestimated by so many people.

At the Kitchen are staunch supporters of seasonal cooking, as demonstrated by our events, supper clubs and workshops that evoke the spirit of the respective season.

Like it or loathe it, we’re heavily influenced by the four seasons. Whether it be the cold snap of winter or the crisp sunshine of spring, the climate and weather dictate the way that we live our lives and cook in our kitchens.

Seasons don’t only signal a change in the weather. From a culinary perspective, each phase of the calendar year presents the opportunity to experiment with new recipes, uncover new foods and enjoy the wonders of serving up delicious meals for family and friends.

However, while there are many devotees of the endless possibilities presented by the four seasons, there are others who are less amenable to widening their scope. We believe that those in the latter category are missing out on the opportunity to sample delightful cuisine.

Granted, there are sometimes people who are less receptive to experimenting with new recipes. Nonetheless, we’re certainly advocates of the view that everyone should embrace the wonders of each season and how they can enhance your cooking and broaden your sense of adventure when it comes to trying new foods.

For instance, winter is arguably the season that has the most profound effect on the way we cook our food and entertain our dinner guests. Not only do we crave stodgy comfort food to warm up as we seek refuge from the cold outside, but Christmas time also falls within the winter months, a seasonal celebration whereby food takes centre stage.

This year, At the Kitchen is delighted to be hosting a range of exciting events to celebrate the festive season: a Christmas Party for local freelancers on the 5th December, Festive Wines and Canapes on the 6th December, as well as a Seasonal Supper Club on the 13th.

Whether it’s Christmas or another seasonal event during the calendar year, we enjoy the all-encompassing experience of transforming At the Kitchen into a space befitting of a particular celebration – this isn’t limited to the types of food that are served to guests. At the Kitchen tie our events in seasonally with scheduled workshops, supper clubs and events, paying attention to intricate details such as table decorations and which drinks are served.

The sense of occasion is what makes seasonal activities an enthralling experience; because the events occur on an annual basis, there’s a sense of exclusivity and added excitement. Moreover, a range of niche skills can be learned from season-specific events. Our autumn foraging event not only highlighted how to search for wild food resources safely but also provided tips on how to turn fresh ingredients into delicious meals at a minimal cost.

Such is the breadth and underlying potential of seasonal activities that we’ve devoted copious amounts of time across the course of the last eighteen months attempting to fine-tune and refine riveting experiences for our clientele; while some have been more successful than others, there are plentiful opportunities sprinkled throughout twelve months.

Healthy January provides a window to focus on cleaner eating, with many indulging over the Christmas and New Year period, while we’re keen to introduce events and workshops to coincide with well-known occasions such as Mother’s Day and Easter.

In addition to the more recognisable events, there are a whole host of diverse events taking place as the seasons’ change, with many presenting the perfect opportunity for a food-inspired twist. For example, the blossoming popularity of real ale is typified with Cask Ale Week, with the celebration a chance to recognise beer as an ingredient for a host of dishes, as well as a tasty beverage.

Alternatively, fans of the sweet treats can earmark 5th June on their calendar, with National Donut Day set to make fans of the fried confectionery hot under the collar at the beginning of the summer months.

The assorted events are perfect for At the Kitchen and we’re looking forward to pencilling in more exciting events and catering for more food enthusiasts.

To book your place at one of the upcoming events here at At the Kitchen, call 0161 282 2050 or email to share your ideas for a seasonal activity with us.